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As the marketplaces turn increasingly global, so do the human resources challenges. KuberaTech keep up with these challenges, define and solve specific staffing needs, thereby allowing our customers the time and freedom to focus on their core business.

Temporary Staffing
Permanent Recruitment
Contract Administration
Payroll Administration

Technology is wonderful, but it still takes people to design, oversee, set up, run, and support its use. More and more companies are in need of people with specialized technical skills to get the job done. KuberaTech provides highly skilled technical professionals with the right skills so you can get on with business. Our placements succeed time and over again because we pair technical professionals personalities, and abilities with your specific needs .

We achieve this level of success through: Your Own IT Staff - Just a Phone Call Away
Better screening, testing, and placement of technical professionals through our Placement Process.
Strong ongoing relationships with our clients, as well as our technical professionals
In-depth, industry-specific knowledge, and expertise
Better recruitment
Better post-placement follow up and support that allows for on-the-job feedback and adjustments, as well as re-hiring of outstanding technical professionals.
For many companies, having a full-time IT staff is not an option. Qualified IT professionals come at a high cost. They are difficult to find and retain, demand high salaries and ongoing training. Additionally, you may not require someone all day, everyday, and might still have to look to the outside for special skill sets. With the KuberaTech  IT Department, you get access to what you need, when you need it. Whether it's a hardware technician, network engineer, or Internet specialist, you get the right skills, just when you need them.
​We are experts in using technology to reduce the cost of operations, simplify business processes, secure operating environments through robust risk management and cybersecurity measures, and create sustainable solutions for business growth. Over the years we have built a reputation for outstanding performance in integrating IT solutions throughout the Federal Government, earning consistently high evaluations. The recognition and respect of our clients has resulted in repeat business from all of our clients